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You are allowed to purchase product as a guest. However, you’ll need to register an account to enjoy all the customer benefits.

If you do not have an account with TSO Truck Station yet, you can follow simple steps to register an account.
On the bottom of the website (mobile), please click the following icon

You can either login with your existing Google account or create a new account with your email

If you choose to create a new account with your email address, fill up the required information for the account and click ‘Register’

Then you’ll receive a verification link via email to your registered email address.

Click the verification link and now you can login to your account.

Yes, a copy of Invoice or Receipt will be sent via email or attached with the item in the parcel.

Shipping rates are calculated based on Actual Weight, Volumetric Weight, Origin, and Destination.

Actual Weight: 

Actual weight is the weight of the item put on a weighing scale.

For bulky items, sometimes the volumetric weight may be higher than the actual weight.

Volumetric Weight: 

The cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.

The volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the item – the higher weight is used to calculate shipping cost. The formula to calculate volumetric weight is:

volumetric weight (kg) = length x height x width (cm)/ 6,000

Steps to request a return: 

Step 1

Go to My Account > Orders > Return (button only display when order is completed)


Step 2

Click on the item you wish to return > Submit


Step 3

Select quantity of the product and reason to return, upload the image of product to support your return request. Please let us know if you want to make a refund or exchange in the additional information.


Step 4

Please keep the RMA number as your reference and wait for our team to respond, our team is given 3 working days to approve/reject your return request. Always check the status of your request.

Once our team has received your return request, there will be several outcomes:

  • Request accepted, return to be initiated – If your return request is accepted by us, we will require a receipt of your purchase to accompany your return. We will provide you a delivery address for your item to return.
  • Partial refund and you may keep the item – You will now be required to cancel the return request with the agreed refund amount.
  • Request rejected – If the information you provided is not genuine or insufficient as well as in the event where the return request or returned product fail to meet return policy.


You are required to include a receipt or proof of purchase to accompany your return and ship your return with a given delivery address.

Responsible party to bear shipping cost depends on the reason of your ‘Return’ request. If you requested ‘Return’ due to damaged, faulty or wrong product, we will bear the buyer’s return shipping fees.

Shipping fees are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping fees will be deducted from your refund.

Note: For items are manufactured by another party and resold by us, please do not send such item back to the manufacturer.

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